is hacked again?

oh, noes, it appears our old fella is hacked again!


(don’t bother deleting this topic. it’s cached)

Browse Happy Online Worry-free
Browse Happy. Online. Worry-free

and finally the source of HTML code. every footer’s affected.

source code of hacked
source code of hacked

now, I wander whether cache of the search engines constitutes a valid reliable source? and if so should the WikiPedia entry on be updated (including the Matt’s rollback of the previous ‘hack’)?

The purpose of these forums is support

that’s what I’ve been told just before getting banned from .com fora for good.

now let’s have a look what these forums are actually about on this week: 'support' forums charts forums charts / week #27

so what do we have here? it appears the hot ten consists totally out of the ‘Off Topic’ forums threads:

  • all times #1 is about pimping your blog. whadda ya think forums are for then?
  • #2, #3, #8 and #9 apparently are forum games. definitely yet another purpose;
  • #4 is a technical thread. people like to test their avatars;
  • #5 — that’s where you can get away with bitching about people you’re supposed to ‘support’;
  • #6 — you ought to ask yourself what this thread is about. I got no time for such a research;
  • #7 is where hit whores brag about their achievements;
  • and, finally, #10 is yet another ‘pimp my blog’ thread. for some reasons naive sheep prefer an unofficial topic to this one.

keep it up, people need support!

no published rule

bubel, new .com fora mod let it out, “there is no published rule…” to be expelled from the link farm. and contnues,

We are not limiting your freedom by doing this. This is not censorship, as your blog is still available in every shape and form.

no, tale-tellers, it is fucking censorship because we can’t opt out of linking to your link farm! and you also made it so that no one could escape it.

I wonder if anyone not banned yet could tell those sheep that:

The global tag links were never intended to be useful for anyone other than Automattic.”

else why do you delete posts, tags* and close the whole topics in the fora? are you paid per deleted post/tag/closed topic? if so then you should ask Matt for an addition to your salary.


no, you don’t need to ask for an addition to your salary. my puppet was bozoed. again. hello Matt!

*) posts on this page have this tag removed. same thing with the ‘global_tags‘, ‘spamdexing‘ et al.