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Monthly Archives: January 2006

When does real Ruby magic begin?

seems like All About Ruby a little bit disappointed by the power of the Ruby Magick

Today I have a much better grasp of Rails and the magick seems to fade away. And this is great. Rails generates a lot of excitement at the moment, and excitement leads to hype, when people who try to play the “magick card”, attributing it with “human-like” behaviour and popularizing a perception that Rails does everything for you.

The screencaps might be impressive, but frankly with right PHP libraries you would be able to get the same results just as easily.

well, I think next good step in mastering Ruby after Installing Rails on Windows (step-by-step tutorial), would be taking a look at the real Ruby web-application such as a Typo (another weblog engine) to compare its source code with its a typical web-application written on PHP (yet another weblog engine) which does much the same thing.

and then, as marketing-shit makers used to say, try to «feel the difference magick», or… even may be a poetry!?

HOWTO: Import into WordPress.com from another weblog using command line tools


Meanwhile the WordPress.com importers plugins are disabled before to be released into production, those of us familiar with command line may want try to automate a migration procedure instead of copy-pasting each post.

It’s especially tempting if you started your original blog not yesterday and it has a number of old posts you want to get in WP.com If the original blog you want to move from has an ability to export post into some readable text format (XML, MT) you can try to do it by means of stand-alone command line utilities which can post to WP via XML-RPC API. Read more of this post

The One Microsoft Way. When It Really Matters

A Microsoft engineer writes in a draft before migration of Hotmail.com from a Unix platform to Windows one:

These are the main lessons that we can extract from the Hotmail conversion.

<…> The fundamental goal is to be able to manage machines as an aggregate; doing this through a GUI is not necessarily evil, so long as it can be done remotely, and once. The point applies to application distribution as well as to system tuning.

David Brooks, Converting a UNIX .COM Site to Windows
August 2000
(via securityoffice.net)

Five years later, after successful transfer another MS guy states a far more definite approach on using an UI to manage a huge Internet service:

BF Are there scaling reasons to think about the benefits of a command line for managing over a GUI, or are there other things to think about?

PS Our operations group never wants to rely on any sort of user interface. Everything has to be scriptable and run from some sort of command line. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to execute scripts and gather the results over thousands of machines.

A Conversation with Phil Smoot
December 2005
(via ACM Queue)

So, it seems like a Microsoft property really had managed to eat its own dogfood.
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dotPost: Offline Desktop Blog Publishing Client


considering hits stats to this page and a fact that Mike’s site is down for a while

(UPDATE2: now it seems for good), looks like some folks are looking for the dotPost download (below).

dotPost is a very promising standalone desktop weblog posting editor developed by Michael Leung (now supposedly at: bloggingmyassoff.com, former: www.blamemike.com). this application runs under MS .NET Framework (v1.1SP1 tested) and supports all major blogging CMS XML-RPC API’s such as: .Text, Atom, Blogger, DasBlog, EraBlog.NET, Friendster, MetaWeblog, MovableType, TypePad, WordPress. Mike has enabled dotPost with a nice, simple but well designed (read: deep thought) lean and mean UI, similar to interface used in MS developer’s applications which are known of their perfect usability:

on the screenshot you can see docked Recent Posts window (which can be floated as well), multi-tabbed WYSIWYG rich text formatting post editor. each Post tab has a three-pane structure (what is already has become a standard for such sort of apps):

  • Design: WYSIWYG rich text formatting post editor
  • Source: raw HTML editor (syntax highlighted)
  • Details: allows edit tags and Date/Time post attributes

other features include (but not limited to ;-):

  • Spell Checker
  • Offline Drafts
  • Multiple Blog Accounts
  • Smileys
  • Automatic Upload of Local Images

to the moment of this posting the project currently is in development stage (v0.6beta), and while it throws unhandled exceptions sometimes and yet lack some cool a must features, it is already fairy usable (this post has been edited in DotPost as one can see).

as far as I could understand from the initial author’s post related this project, Mike would “greatly appreciate any feedback” and bug reports from beta-testers, so don’t hesitate — it is well may become a killer app like commercial Post2Blog and BlogJet!


here it is, the last beta I happen to grab when the site was up:

HOWTO: Export or Backup content from WordPress.com?


this rant has been deprecated by the “XML Import / Export

WordPress.com FAQ on: Is everything being backed up?

«…In the future you’ll also be able to download a personal XML backup of your data, but we don’t have a timeline on that quite yet.»

This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

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