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The One Microsoft Way. When It Really Matters

A Microsoft engineer writes in a draft before migration of Hotmail.com from a Unix platform to Windows one:

These are the main lessons that we can extract from the Hotmail conversion.

<…> The fundamental goal is to be able to manage machines as an aggregate; doing this through a GUI is not necessarily evil, so long as it can be done remotely, and once. The point applies to application distribution as well as to system tuning.

David Brooks, Converting a UNIX .COM Site to Windows
August 2000
(via securityoffice.net)

Five years later, after successful transfer another MS guy states a far more definite approach on using an UI to manage a huge Internet service:

BF Are there scaling reasons to think about the benefits of a command line for managing over a GUI, or are there other things to think about?

PS Our operations group never wants to rely on any sort of user interface. Everything has to be scriptable and run from some sort of command line. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to execute scripts and gather the results over thousands of machines.

A Conversation with Phil Smoot
December 2005
(via ACM Queue)

So, it seems like a Microsoft property really had managed to eat its own dogfood.

Thanks Matt, who pointed me out to the interview. He asks: “What would you give to hear a similar interview by his counterpart at Google or Yahoo?” — well, personally I would rather like to see a Brad Fitzpatrick’s presentation transcript on “LiveJournal’s Backend: A History of Scaling” at the OSCON.

Considering some WordPress.com performance changes seems like Matt is already familiar with LiveJournal.com team experience.

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