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HOWTO: Import into WordPress.com from another weblog using command line tools


Meanwhile the WordPress.com importers plugins are disabled before to be released into production, those of us familiar with command line may want try to automate a migration procedure instead of copy-pasting each post.

It’s especially tempting if you started your original blog not yesterday and it has a number of old posts you want to get in WP.com If the original blog you want to move from has an ability to export post into some readable text format (XML, MT) you can try to do it by means of stand-alone command line utilities which can post to WP via XML-RPC API.

Part I


To my surprise, I happened to find the only utility of such sort. It is a mtsend.py by Scott Yang.

It is rather strange that there’s no signs something like: RSS2Blogger, RSS2MT or RSS2WP. Let me know if you aware about something alike.

mtsend.py is a command line tool for Movable Type written in Python — so, you’ll need a working copy of Python interpreter in case the OS you to deal with doesn’t have it preinstalled. Most *nix clones do have, MS Windows™ users may download a standard Python software on its site (there are binaries with installer).

As we can guess from its name mtsend.py originally has been written to post into Movable Type based blogs, but since WordPress also implements XML-RPC API (MT, Blogger, MetaWebLog), the tool works fine in WordPress as well.

To post entries via mtsend.py data needs to be in a specific format. The format is very close to the Movable Type’s import/export format.

If your source blog has an XML-RPC interface — you’re almost done. The only things you have to do:

  • make a simple config file,
  • in a batch run retrieve all your post from old weblog with mtsend.py saved into text files (file per post) for review,
  • send its contents back to WordPress.com

to be continued…

5 responses to “HOWTO: Import into WordPress.com from another weblog using command line tools

  1. options January 17, 2006 at 00:39

    thanks ;-)

    but we need some kind of a RSS2MTimport script.

    seems, like AWK will be quite enough to made it.


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  3. Clint March 19, 2007 at 20:49

    I’d simply like to just, at the command-line:

    blognow some_file.html

    Have it take the blog title from the HTML title, and otherwise simply post the HTML as a blog.

    How hard would that be?

  4. options March 19, 2007 at 22:09

    I think that would be fairly easy, provided you write a script or a program which would parse your .html file for the blog url and post title and make an XML-RPC call with you credentials or just pipe it to mtsend.py or similar utility.

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