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When does real Ruby magic begin?

seems like All About Ruby a little bit disappointed by the power of the Ruby Magick

Today I have a much better grasp of Rails and the magick seems to fade away. And this is great. Rails generates a lot of excitement at the moment, and excitement leads to hype, when people who try to play the “magick card”, attributing it with “human-like” behaviour and popularizing a perception that Rails does everything for you.

The screencaps might be impressive, but frankly with right PHP libraries you would be able to get the same results just as easily.

well, I think next good step in mastering Ruby after Installing Rails on Windows (step-by-step tutorial), would be taking a look at the real Ruby web-application such as a Typo (another weblog engine) to compare its source code with its a typical web-application written on PHP (yet another weblog engine) which does much the same thing.

and then, as marketing-shit makers used to say, try to «feel the difference magick», or… even may be a poetry!?

One response to “When does real Ruby magic begin?

  1. tsal February 15, 2007 at 13:36

    there is no ruby, only zuul! :)

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