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Can’t see an Admin Bar or ‘stay logged in’ situation discombobulated.

missing your blue ’Admin Navbar’ clicked on link “View Site” or can’t leave a comment on some WP.com hosted blog cause you “You must be logged in to post a comment”?

but you’ve just logged in to WP.com, asking to “remember” you forever at the logon page a few seconds before (you may even have a dashboard on another tab opened).

how does it come..?

well, you’ve really logged in and system did remembered you, but just doesn’t show it up to you.

to workaround this “combobulated situation” just change URI protocol name to “httpS:” (Secure HTTP) in the address bar of your browser.

as a proof of concept try to do it right now while reading this post manually, or by clicking on the following link: https://options.wordpress.com/2006/03/18/cant-see-an-admin-bar-or-stay-logged-in-situation-discombobulated/

alternately, you may create a simple “bookmarklet” till this bug feature get fixed (if this possible at all, cause it is not a bug indeed, but a designed feature). copy line with code below into clipboard, create new bookmark and paste buffer into the URL field.


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