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FAQ: My Sidebar Went to The Bottom

Q: My sidebar went to the bottom. I don’t think I have any images or long links there. Any ideas?
A: HTML errors. most often there some <tags> are left open somewhere in your posts.

How to locate an error

An easy way

First check your pages in question with a W3C Markup Validation Service — there is also a link to it on your sidebar: “Valid XHTML“.

Check following options: “Show Source”, “Verbose Output”. Press “Revalidate” button.

Now you will see an errors listing looking like this or similar:

Error Line 488, column 3: end tag for element “p” which is not open.

Start from the very first error message. Click on the line number. You’ll be shown the HTML source line containing an error mentioned above:

487. </p>
488. </p>

Scroll up and down to locate problem post. Turn its status to the `Draft` to see if there any more problem posts are left. Fix them all.

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