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Security Is a Top Priority for You

Thom Robbins announces the upcoming MS sponsored Security Summits. creatiff MS copywriters enabled it with the following slogan:

“Security is a top priority for you and a top priority for M$.”


what a BS: pushing its own standards, acquisition of smaller competitors and so on — that is a real MS top priority to maintain a monopoly on the OS and office apps market.

look at the wonderful dialog with Scoble on a recent WMF vulnerability (see history of WMF events on F-Secure blog from the day-0 to an official patch released).

btw, meanwhile the whole IT world was crazy about their unpatched OS because MS was not going to release a patch before their regular scheduled date (01/10/06), Stephen Toulouse, a security program manager within the Security and Business technology unit (“MSRC’s official communications guy”) had a fantastic time in Paris visiting Jim Morrison’s grave.

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