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Monthly Archives: June 2006

QuickTags questions

recently I was asked about so called QuickTags buttons which serve as basic aids to quickly and easily format some text in your post.

normally, WP.com users can’t see them unless they turned off the ‘Rich Text Editor’ (TinyMCE) or a browser in use does not yet support specific extensions used by the TinyMCE. in such cases WP degrades itself gracefully down to the QuickTags automatically.

How to learn what the abbreviations for the various abbreviated options I can see above the text editing box stand for?

Thus far I have figured out that the b stands for bold and the i stands for italics and I know how to use the ‘link‘ but I haven’t a clue what the other abbreviations mean or how to use them.

Is there a diagram and instructions somewhere that I have yet to find?

yes, there is a detailed explanation of the Quicktags and their functions on the Codex (WordPress manual wiki) page: http://codex.wordpress.org/Write_Post_SubPanel#Quicktags

Is there also such a thing as a list of basic html code that can be used in WP and what it is used for?

this question has already been put in the support forums thread titled ‘HTML documentation?‘, so let’s wait for the authoritative answer.

having said that, frankly, I can’t see the reason why anyone who use a Mozilla Firefox (SeaMonkey, Camino, Netscape etc) or MS Internet Explorer browsers would want to switch off a ‘Rich Text Editor’ – it works fairly well with browsers mentioned and, what’s most important, fits just perfectly into WP.com paradigm stated in the FAQ:

«…we don’t want people to have to look at HTML and CSS code, which is antithetical to the purpose of WordPress.com»

albeit, TinyMCE’s interface is pretty intuitive it has its own help page.

UPDATE: see also: Allowed HTML tags FAQ page.

I’m using Rich Text Editor and I have problems!

FAQ no longer [since 2006/Jun/07] blames Safari:

Using Safari you cannot see the toolbar editors – either the Rich Text Editor or the basic one. This is not the fault of WordPress.com. It is a fault in Safari in that it uses a non-standard way of rendering the necessary code.

it should be said that wp.com Rich Text Editor (TinyMCE) uses a specific extensions (quirks) of Microsoft® Internet Explorer (since v5.5; in this case even proprietary) and Mozilla Foundation (since v1.3; or to be exact a Gecko) based family browsers.

and, currently, THERE IS NO SUCH A ’standard way of rendering the necessary code.

therefore, plain truth is so called ’Rich Text Editor’ which describes itself as a cross platform* is available to users of only two mainstream browser family TMCE supports.

oh, and yes, of course: “We have no plans to support Markdown or Textile at present“. apparently, Markdown or Textile users don’t belong wp.com target audience which is probably supposed to be a crowd of a complete dummies who can only push a fancy WYSIWYG buttons, which alas does not even work with a Safari browser.

*) WTF, why the hell browser is platform??? or, even better, why MSIE & Mozilla are the platform and others ain’t one?