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"Global Tags" don’t seem to be going anywhere new

or to be exact they are going to hell…

wank (that girl again ;-) mentions my suicidal resurrection of the thread in wp.com forums:

Whereupon everyone piles in again and I finally twig that post category links are not broken through accident or carelessness, but by design. It’s such a lovely piece of necromancy, I would kind of like to pick the whole thread up and carry it over here.

while this thread is really deserve discussion, taking it on the wp.com blog could become rather dangerous: right in this moment Automattic Inc. has used “the right to deny access to and use of the Website to any individual or entity for any reason, in Automattic’s sole discretion.” i.e. without any warnings I was banned from wp.com forums (read only); yet my posts are alive but they look like they posted from “Anonymous Unregistered” — so noone can see my other posts on the forum. obviously, this blog will follow the same fortune soon too.

since I’ve missed the opportunity to reply in this thread itself (before it’s been closed) and now can’t say anything in any other forum’s topic, I’m taking my (probably last) chance to clarify some things here.

in this thread wank wrote:

“Considered from the point of view of maximizing traffic to the global tags pages, the current setup makes perfect sense

admittedly, me being not very smart person (to criticize hosts intentions in the house of their own), I still franky can’t get any sense of such an obstinate desire to maximize traffic to the global tags pages.

simple POC (proof of the concept):

  • let’s imagine someone has landed to this post from a search engine or somewhere else;
  • now, as you said “it’s much more likely that your reader is going to want to know what you’ve had to say on the topic throughout the history of your blog”;
  • ok, they click on WordPress.com link in the post header/footer which leads them to the Global Tag page;
  • what they can see over there (besides may be one or couple of my recent post):
    • Is This Britney Spears???
    • Yes! YOU are making me high!
    • SEXY Singing for YOU
    • Love Is Sex!
    • Britney’s Crotch!
    • Sexy Home Videos
    • Online Marketing

there are more hot posts but I guess that’ll be enough. yeah it looks like WordPress.com’ Global Tag is kinda popular ;-)

let’s return to my reader: I believe that circa 80% of normal (mentally) visitors of mine just close this browser window/tab and forget about WordPress.com and my blog for good, those 20% left who “feels themselves lucky” might hit the Back button and try to look for my other wp.com posts via rather long tree on the sidebar or by other less reliable means like the blog search field or (what even less probable) by using an external search engine with the ‘site:’ search modifier.

resume: I can see no sense neither for wp.com (they loose a visitor), nor for me (I loose a visitor), cause I can hardly believe that any sane reader of this post would follow any of the titles above — even if I am not that clever enough, it would be much foolish consider other people even more stupid than myself.

so, where is at least the common sense (not speaking about commercial profit)?

9 responses to “"Global Tags" don’t seem to be going anywhere new

  1. engtech December 7, 2006 at 14:27

    Not sure if it’s just because the issue was fixed, but I can see your comments/profile. http://wordpress.com/forums/profile.php?id=15242

  2. that girl again December 7, 2006 at 16:36

    We have advertising on tags pages. That seems to me reason enough to want to maximize traffic to them. Sure, nobody with common sense is going to stick around and click on the ads, but if everyone had common sense then nobody would be making any money out of Adsense.

  3. drmike February 6, 2007 at 21:39

    First I heard about this.

  4. timethief March 8, 2007 at 23:46

    I can click on any category on any new posts I make moments after publishing it and be on the wordpress tag page viewing it there. I think the fact your post wasn’t appearing is very strange. And, I think I recall wank having a similar problem some time ago now.

    I thought your remark about your post and Diana Chance on the forum was hilarious. :D

  5. options March 9, 2007 at 19:07

    that (and other) glitches gives me a strange feeling that my blog has been marked as semi-mature ;-) but I prefer to think it’s just my paranoia.

    PS my remark was about my and Diana‘s Chance posts (which are helluva within the wp.com GT), not about herself ;-)

  6. Diana Chance March 24, 2007 at 12:33


    You really hate me don’t you? What’s with all the bitter, hateful comments you post about me? Just let it go woman! Do your thing and allow me to do mine. We’re obviously different and you might not agree and/or think that what I do and who I am is any good and that’s ok by me. I just wonder where your obsession is coming from.

    You say in previous posts that I’m a fake and that your gifted IQ makes you great. Well, that’s your own opinion and it does not mean it has any validity.

    You’d be acting a lot smarter if your IQ was in fact gifted. The great & gifted thinkers, writers, etc… of our time certainly did not behave in such a foolish way.

    Please, just let it go or, if it really makes your day and amuses you when people are trashing me, visit my youtube site where I don’t moderate negative comments. You’ll have a good time there.

    -Diana Chance

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