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Monthly Archives: August 2007

HowTo: search all WordPress.com blogs?

while some [potential] .com users are still wondering periodically in the forums:




Why can’t you search WordPress?

I’ve heard a lot of good things about WordPress, but why can’t I search blogs on the wordpress.com home page?

How do I find blogs I’m interested in other than clicking on random tags?

Matt was kind enough to provide me with a definition of Automattic’s business as such that does not need to show ads on Global Tags or that said (desired but yet non-existent) domestic .com Search Engine Results Pages traffic, since Automattic Inc. is

2. …constantly doing things to try to drive more visitors and comments to our blogs, because that’s what our primary customer (bloggers) has told us that they love.

The purpose [of that "clicking on random tags" mentioned above — options] is to make bloggers happier and get them more distribution.

meanwhile, some enterprising people had started WordPress.com blog search engine of their own, which, as they believe,

…is very useful for WordPress users, who want to find who else has similar interests or is writing about a certain topics.

This is also useful for non blog users who want to find what a large portion of the blogosphere are writing about and what views on certain topics are.

it appears, of course, they found their business as such that does need to show ads on that traffic — wpfind SERPs are stuffed with an annoying, nagging div/JS ad popups, similar to .com snap-shot previews.

there also some users on .com who apparently are not happy about this SE at all, because it almost always shows a full post contents instead of usual practice to display excerpts only. I rather agree — basically, in this current form it looks like a huge copy-scaping thing.

perhaps, that’s why the only message announced this "SE" in .com forums "had limited success getting the message out to wordpress users" — it has been immediately "modlooked" by the forum police and disappeared along with getting TOSsed its author’s .com blog, contained a couple of test posts.

btw, that forum post didn’t even contain a hyperlink to their site, neither in body nor in the author profile.

wpfind.com index via RSS hence results relevancy is rather strange sometimes. for example, imagine my disappointment while querying for "global tags", it has turned up the only post by disturbed Trent, who

trent-48…went through and spent about 5 hours tonight copying across my old blog entries into this blog. I have been putting it off for quite sometime now and decided that I better just sit down and get it done.

It was an important thing, but I am a little terrified that all the updates I did went into the current global tags. As the items are timestamped 4 years ago, I didn’t realize they made it in.

Disturbing and I hope that this doesn’t piss off the Staff, as it wasn’t intentional.

In fact, if I had a backup instead of ’copy and paste’, that would have been easier than wasting 5 hours…

Published by :trent 2007-03-18 21:59:42.0

the only thing that puzzles me is how do they find new blog to index? they guy who runs this service says:

We crawl the content the same way the other blog engines do via ping update services so we do not need users to submit to us. When they post wordpress.com auto pings and we crawl from these updated lists.

leon on: A content theft or a WordPress feature? << More shameless remarks by Larko

so, is that a Pingomatic who provide them with "these updated lists"?

finally, some tech. specs:

We’re using Linux, Tomcat, Java servlets, JSP and DB2. We’re also using Apache Lucene as our indexing engine to allow rapid full text search.

— nothing is really special, but search results are really served in extremely fast manner.


this post has been ’draft’ too long. according to forums, people are already getting referrers from the wpfind.com, now it’s too late attempt to hide it away from .com.

“mob folksonomy” isn’t going anywhere new as well

yes, by this post I am still continuing my pet peeved Anti-Global Tags campaign as there are new details have been revealed recently after Automattic about-turned .com “Hot Posts” front-page to preconceived by the staff set of Categories (“News Departments”).

in contrary to the popular belief that Category links in the .com post-meta section lead unaware visitor out of your blog just to drive traffic to ad-laden tag pages, it appeared that they are not actually having ads at all.

admittedly, I was just about to blog about this before, cause I never saw any ads on Tag pages, and, finally, an official source (Andy, one of .com developers) just has confirmed that.

To dispel your theory about the “cookie-free masses” being funneled into high-paying ad zones, I ask you to test it yourself. Disable cookies and click from the front page to any blog. You won’t see ads that way.

ok, so if “You won’t see ads that way” then WHISKEY-TANGO-FOXTROT (3 times) are you sending people off there from a user’s post for?

now I have to reiterate my question again since it still remains being a valid one: where is at least a COMMON SENSE, guys?

not that it has a great importance to me — I just don’t get it by no means.

another funny discovering: there’s a little known profile page on .com at http://wordpress.com/profile (mine is at http://wordpress.com/profile/options), it contains a nice tags heat-map cloud. so, what do you think, all my tags listed out there go out to the… yes, of course, to the Global Tags system.

hello, my tags on my profile are supposed to be linking to my blog, aren’t they? otherwise, WTF this profile is for?

now a little about this post title: I don’t care if .com’s front-page will have a section heading “Right Now in Mob Folksonomy“, either I don’t mind if that mob folksonomy pages would have ads.

actually, instead of fugly plastering them on user blogs, GT is the very proper location where they actually should go (in place of links to competing with .com GT system third-party tag aggregating services).

Hopefully we will open up the system for user-generated queries so you could rank all recent public posts tagged “wank” or whatever. Those queries are currently very expensive but it’s something I want to do.

of course, there’s a little we can expect from such a toy DBMS as MySQL, but in fact, many users will be already happy by just having a form to perform a far more simple queries like combined tag search on the whole .com site, just look into forums — this request comes quite often.

also, result pages of that search queries is the most perfect and natural place for an advertisement. moreover, based on searched Tag keywords, it will allow to place more precisely targeted ads, than those which irritate confused .com bloggers, but that’s by the way.