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SandBox 1.0 went South on .com

judging by the fact my sidebar has suddenly gone south (to the bottom of the page), I suppose the Sandbox theme which is currently in use on this blog is finally getting actively upgraded by the staff up to the new version in this very moment.

sandbox-theme — "A WordPress theme rich with powerful, dynamic semantic class selectors".

Sandbox 1.0.x is for WordPress 2.3.x and beyond. This version includes the new tagging features built in to WordPress 2.3 and is much lighter than the previous version.

I dunno how about that said "new tagging features built in" but so far my category links in the post-meta are still pointing into notorious Global Tags.

9 responses to “SandBox 1.0 went South on .com

  1. engtech September 13, 2007 at 14:54

    I doubt it’s 1.0. Plaintxt.org is still running 0.9.7.

  2. options September 13, 2007 at 15:43

    I thought it’d be logical to run Sandbox 1.0 on .com, assuming it also running Beta of WP 2.3, but, heck, as it has appeared, it’s not even 0.9.x — still ‘0.6.1-wpcom’ now.

    so, sorry for a premature title — I should’ve looked straight into CSS source first, but missed this step apparently been too busy with revalidating several recent posts on this blog just to be sure it’s not the borked markup of my own made my sidebar gone to the bottom ;-)

  3. Root October 18, 2007 at 11:12

    I like the way the upgrade induces immediate borkage. I have told Matt already that for 80K USD pa plus exes and travel I can fix their whole theme mess.

  4. sunburntkamel October 19, 2007 at 18:54

    surely now you realize that this was, indeed, a hell of a conspiracy theory. when they hacked in tagegories, they did it with a function call and a hook, so that they didn’t have to modify any themes (i checked fauna, since it runs the most custom code, and is in the most need of upgrading).

    supposedly andy was holding off on upgrading to 1.0 to make sure that no one’s layout borked, but based on the timing, i’m guessing they were waiting for the new Presentation panel in the dashboard (despite sandbox not being tagged minimal or white)

  5. sunburntkamel October 19, 2007 at 18:58

    and plaintxt.org doesn’t run sandbox at all. he did post the news of 1.0 at the end of august. (sndbx.org is running 0.9.5, the competition version)

  6. options October 20, 2007 at 14:45

    re: now you realize

    you too, Brutus? ;-) I should say I’m a bit baffled over this remark, sbk.

    just to clarify once again, this silly and, no doubts, spiteful post is a result of the quite a few time I had to spend on W3C validator service when my sidebar suddenly went to the bottom (i.e. literally ‘went South’), before I occasionaly strolled into forums and stumbled across that thread I linked above. then I thought — new tags are finally coming this way via Sandbox 1.0, and was really *glad* about it (about tags, not about borkage).

    a hope dies last. just before that time I naively had a very little one (but still) that new tags will go global, and old cats become all local. now imagine my disappointment when I realised this won’t come true, now never.

    so, really, there’s no any ‘conspiracy theory’ points in this particular post (or in anyone other on this blog, btw). bitterness which inevitably expressed itself into some acidity, for sure. but that’s pretty natural.

    of course, they hooked new tags into the_category() or something (instead of editing all the themes). it’s done just the same way as they did when they imposed on us obtrusive GT links of theirs. and, surely, they could fix cat links all the same way — it’s an onliner filter or I’m an idiot (logical ‘OR’ means both can be true, though ;-) they didn’t.

    I think, to make sure that no one’s layout is borked, Sanbox 1.0 could be installed yet two months ago as another separate theme, as it eventually have happened just yesterday, and the new Presentation panel also doesn’t matter.

    and, yeah, neither Sandbox 1.0 is not being tagged as ‘fluid layout’ or ‘minimalistic’ — had a hard time trying to find it on the 4th page — “with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability“, without a focus on navigation with a mere abc index or, if nothing else, abc tags sticked, for that matter.

  7. options October 20, 2007 at 14:49

    hello Root,

    re: the upgrade induces immediate borkage

    honestly, I strongly beleive that, although, not so smooth transitions during upgrade periods ain’t exactly a sign of a very professional approach, but it’s the least thing they can really be blamed for (well, at least I think I can’t do it) — err is human.

    indeed, multiple caching, replicating (and what not as third-party services like S3) across hundred of boxes in the several DC, all that probably make .com not the easiest service to operate and maintain. so they are doing very well I should say.

    developer’s, sysadmin’s law: “crap always happens just when you move thoroughly (and many times) tested things from a testbed into production environment.” pretty much sure this particular borkage was caused by something like a trivial typo during some testing.

    re: fix their whole theme mess

    guess, it (a whole theme mess, not you work ;-) just isn’t worth it.

    most of WP themes (including those installed on .com) seem to be really a mess, you called it just right. and they are going to be mess, at least, unless theme makers have to mock around with PHP, replicating the same bugs from one theme to another*, instead of being able to concentrate on design proper. yes, all that ‘focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability‘ XHTML/CSS, PS stuff.

    implementing presentation means (like tags, vars etc) separated from a theme logic could solve this issue, but Matt, however, has another vision:

    If you use learn the funky MiXedCase MT template tags you know… Movable Type. A proprietary tag system used no where else in the world.
    If you learn WordPress theming you know PHP, the most widely used scripting language on the web. You’re also well-positioned to help the numerous bloggers and businesses who continue to switch to or start with WordPress every day.

    and that’s why I can see no inclination for WP themes to stop being a mess, they are such just because WP itself isn’t exactly much better.

    I didn’t count exact number of wordpress global variables, but there are five pages of only *described* global vars. here is just one:

    WordPress provides the function the_ID() that can be used inside the WordPress loop to display the post ID.

    However, the plugin and theme authors can access this global variable to access the post ID.

    accessible global var. means not only that every theme/plugin is capable getting its value, but also they can set it into whatever plugin and theme authors think they need or want to.

    no wander then every new theme (even more plugin, widget) on .com is the event — it can bork a whole WP (even more MU) install, it does require a very thorough audit.

    *) what’s that typical for so many of PHP scripts around the web in general and even more so for the pre PHP5 ones in particular.

  8. sunburntkamel October 21, 2007 at 17:04

    sorry, i just get really annoyed with people blaming their theme for borking, when the theme isn’t at fault. especially sandbox. I know all hope of sandbox being included in the wordpress install is dead, but i _really_ wish it got the respect it deserves. i get a little fanboy-ish about it sometimes.

  9. options October 22, 2007 at 21:51

    heck, why do you beleive I’m using Sanbox on this very, so to speak, blog?

    because I like it! as the least visually offensive theme of all the Kubrick’s mishpocha and friends installed on .com (I’d use Fauna had it got upgraded up to version with widgets [Category/Tag] and stuff)

    ok, to give the Sandbox its, no doubts, due, I think I can rename this post title (which I’ve already apologised for), if you beleive I should or if you just would like me to ;-)

    I know all hope of sandbox being included in the wordpress install is dead

    oh, really, why?

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