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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Omea is Going Open-Source

so it’s happened, finally. JetBrain Omea team announced that:

“…after several months of thorough work on polishing the software itself and its API, we are happily ready to announce the full availability of our “Omea” line of products in their open-source incarnation.”

here is the source repo (for some reasons devs forgot to mention it in announcement), and the public bug tracker, which is supposed to be moved somewhere else from its current location on the corporate Jira.

my sincere conrgats to the whole present and former Omea developers team and all the guys and girls who ever contributed into the project (nice graphics and the quality docs).

also, I’d like to congratulate Dmitry “yole” Jemerov, Omea’s former PM, personally — there are some things which rather hard to forget, isn’t? ;-)