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flow and interaction

While you bring up some good visual issues that should be considered I think there are some more fundamental usability issues that need to be addressed first, mainly with regards to flow and interaction. That’s where developments in 1.3 are focused right now.

The prettiest UI in the world that follows every possible convention is still completely unusable if it doesn’t behave in an intuitive manner. People adapt to aesthetics, as Michael has shown, but cognitive disconnects in the interface will bug them forever.

Matt, September 08th, 2004

I couldn’t agree more with this but I’ve finally got to close the following tab (any cure against a multi-tabosis?) which I stumbled upon via Django community news:

I had no idea it was there, it never occurred to me to look in Manage -> Import to convert data already in my blog.

Peter Harkins, 2008-04-17

this guy wrote his own tagegory convertor. sometimes it could be faster than to find something in admin.

not sure if attempt #5 would worth it; an attempt #4 hardly could be considered as a too nice one.

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