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The purpose of these forums is support

that’s what I’ve been told just before getting banned from .com fora for good.

now let’s have a look what these forums are actually about on this week:

Wordpress.com 'support' forums charts

Wordpress.com forums charts / week #27

so what do we have here? it appears the hot ten consists totally out of the ‘Off Topic’ forums threads:

  • all times #1 is about pimping your blog. whadda ya think forums are for then?
  • #2, #3, #8 and #9 apparently are forum games. definitely yet another purpose;
  • #4 is a technical thread. people like to test their avatars;
  • #5 — that’s where you can get away with bitching about people you’re supposed to ‘support’;
  • #6 — you ought to ask yourself what this thread is about. I got no time for such a research;
  • #7 is where hit whores brag about their achievements;
  • and, finally, #10 is yet another ‘pimp my blog’ thread. for some reasons naive sheep prefer an unofficial topic to this one.

keep it up, people need support!

2 responses to “The purpose of these forums is support

  1. timethief July 10, 2008 at 03:16

    Hi there,
    It’s been a long time since I dropped in for a visit. I hope you are keeping well. I remember back when the off-topic forum was being contemplated both drmike and I were against the idea and we were derided by others. However, we can clearly see today that it’s nothing but a slush pile. [shrug]

  2. options July 10, 2008 at 20:33

    hey TT, long time no see! ;-) thanks for dropping in, I’m doing well, you?

    actually, I’m just having my fun. these stats are skewed: off-topic threads get bumped all day long, all the other get closed auto or forcibly. also, a number of post is not exactly a valid criteria for popularity of all kinds of fora: it *is* good for Ideas forum, not so for Support.

    I don’t like (//todo: reasons below), but I’ve got no issues with Off-topic forum per se, it may have its own purpose…

    ** this comment is not complete yet **

    // I think I’ll update this comment soon and notify you.

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