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getty bands with yahoo to tap into flickr users

on the flickr blog it’s called, “The Flickr Collection on Getty Images.” watch out when you use or link to flickr images.

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on ads

surely, setting .com AdSense plugin which is similar to the opensource one of Ozh so that “you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off” is a matter of five minutes (with testing). however, I think it would’ve been a pretty safe bet to say that this upgrade will never happen. out of hand, without sending inquires to support*.

just in case: it will never happen. rolling up such an upgrade would be a direct acknowledgement that wordpress.com is not exactly a free service (unlike my.opera.com, Tumblr and Blogger) but rather a venture whose model is somewhat more close to the SUP’s LJ.

also, the second clause of that famous Tony’s covenant “…or show your own ads and make money from your blog” is not going to happen any time soon as well. not only because “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“, but mostly because Google does not need yet another sploggy Blogger. you know, it already has one. and .com fits just perfectly into its back pocket as it is now. yeah, ain’t broke ;-)

http://www.peterhammill.com/phx/audio/play/279 PH/VdGG

*) that forum thread is now marked as “Topic Closed” (although it’s not Deleted at all as it could be, sic!), must be because “We’ve considered this approach on WordPress.COM, basically opt-in ads, but (like Brad) I really really dislike advertising on personal pages.”

fifty fifty

Five to One

Five to one, baby, one in five,
No one here gets out alive, now
You’ll get yours, baby, I’ll get mine,
Gonna make it, baby, if we try.

The old get old and the young get stronger,
May take a week and it may take longer,
They got the guns but we got the numbers,
Gonna win, yeah, we’re takin’ over, come on!

Your ballroom days are over, baby.
Night is drawing near,
Shadows of the evening
Crawl across the years.

You walk across the floor with a flower in your hand,
Trying to tell me no one understands,
Trade in your hours for a handful dimes.
Gonna make it, baby, in our prime.

Got together one more time,
Get together, (one more time).
Get together one more time!
Get together, gotta get together
Gotta get together, gotta…
Na na, na na na na na…
A-a-aargh, whoah!

Hey, come on, honey,
You won’t have a long wait for me, baby.
I’ll be there in just a little while,
You see, I gotta go out in this car with these people
And get fucked up.

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“mob folksonomy” isn’t going anywhere new as well

yes, by this post I am still continuing my pet peeved Anti-Global Tags campaign as there are new details have been revealed recently after Automattic about-turned .com “Hot Posts” front-page to preconceived by the staff set of Categories (“News Departments”).

in contrary to the popular belief that Category links in the .com post-meta section lead unaware visitor out of your blog just to drive traffic to ad-laden tag pages, it appeared that they are not actually having ads at all.

admittedly, I was just about to blog about this before, cause I never saw any ads on Tag pages, and, finally, an official source (Andy, one of .com developers) just has confirmed that.

To dispel your theory about the “cookie-free masses” being funneled into high-paying ad zones, I ask you to test it yourself. Disable cookies and click from the front page to any blog. You won’t see ads that way.

ok, so if “You won’t see ads that way” then WHISKEY-TANGO-FOXTROT (3 times) are you sending people off there from a user’s post for?

now I have to reiterate my question again since it still remains being a valid one: where is at least a COMMON SENSE, guys?

not that it has a great importance to me — I just don’t get it by no means.

another funny discovering: there’s a little known profile page on .com at http://wordpress.com/profile (mine is at http://wordpress.com/profile/options), it contains a nice tags heat-map cloud. so, what do you think, all my tags listed out there go out to the… yes, of course, to the Global Tags system.

hello, my tags on my profile are supposed to be linking to my blog, aren’t they? otherwise, WTF this profile is for?

now a little about this post title: I don’t care if .com’s front-page will have a section heading “Right Now in Mob Folksonomy“, either I don’t mind if that mob folksonomy pages would have ads.

actually, instead of fugly plastering them on user blogs, GT is the very proper location where they actually should go (in place of links to competing with .com GT system third-party tag aggregating services).

Hopefully we will open up the system for user-generated queries so you could rank all recent public posts tagged “wank” or whatever. Those queries are currently very expensive but it’s something I want to do.

of course, there’s a little we can expect from such a toy DBMS as MySQL, but in fact, many users will be already happy by just having a form to perform a far more simple queries like combined tag search on the whole .com site, just look into forums — this request comes quite often.

also, result pages of that search queries is the most perfect and natural place for an advertisement. moreover, based on searched Tag keywords, it will allow to place more precisely targeted ads, than those which irritate confused .com bloggers, but that’s by the way.

Web 2.0 Explained

<dsully> please describe web 2.0 to me in 2 sentences or less.
<jwb> you make all the content. they keep all the revenue.

source: bash.org, via: reddit.com

brief but very definitive explanation, isn’t it?