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Dear Feed Readers

«Feed Stats» tab says I’ve got as many as 6 (six!) feed readers.

granted, one of them is myself and other perhaps are some bots, I hope that none of the real human being not to dare read that free flow of lucidity that dawns me up.

however, just in case, if there are some desperate souls who has subscribed to it, I should bring my appologies warn you at the same time:

  • due to this blog author’s perfectionism old posts are updated quite often — don’t wander if your aggregator pops up with a last year post;
  • many posts are paginated (MORE_TEXT_TAG), but wp.com does NOT export extened entries nor does it give any clue about this to the feed reader.


HOWTO: Export or Backup content from WordPress.com?


this rant has been deprecated by the “XML Import / Export

WordPress.com FAQ on: Is everything being backed up?

«…In the future you’ll also be able to download a personal XML backup of your data, but we don’t have a timeline on that quite yet.»

This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

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