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2.9 miles under the water

it appears, some captain Nemo can change a ticket milestone in the .org trac (yeah, no Sandbox for you) without leaving any tracks.

congrats on 2.6 release! wander how many more tickets have had their milestone mass shifted this nemo way?

and, yes, I like knitting (it’s almost as good as wanking). for quite a time, didn’t you know?

SandBox 1.0 went South on .com

judging by the fact my sidebar has suddenly gone south (to the bottom of the page), I suppose the Sandbox theme which is currently in use on this blog is finally getting actively upgraded by the staff up to the new version in this very moment.

sandbox-theme — "A WordPress theme rich with powerful, dynamic semantic class selectors".

Sandbox 1.0.x is for WordPress 2.3.x and beyond. This version includes the new tagging features built in to WordPress 2.3 and is much lighter than the previous version.

I dunno how about that said "new tagging features built in" but so far my category links in the post-meta are still pointing into notorious Global Tags.