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is BrowseHappy.com hacked again?

oh, noes, it appears our old fella browsehappy.com is hacked again!



(don’t bother deleting this topic. it’s cached)

Browse Happy Online Worry-free

Browse Happy. Online. Worry-free

and finally the source of HTML code. every footer’s affected.

source code of hacked browsehappy.com

source code of hacked browsehappy.com

now, I wander whether cache of the search engines constitutes a valid reliable source? and if so should the WikiPedia entry on BrowseHappy.com be updated (including the Matt’s rollback of the previous ‘hack’)?

Google’s Bitch

article on MySpace in English WP has a nice subheading ‘Revenue model‘:

MySpace operates solely on revenues generated by advertising as its user model possesses no paid-for features for the end user. Through its Web site and affiliated ad networks, MySpace is second only to Yahoo! in it its capacity to collect data about its users and thus in its ability to use behavioral targeting to select the ads each visitor sees.

On August 8, 2006, search engine Google signed a $900 million deal to provide a Google search facility and advertising on MySpace. <…>

Companies such as Slide.com, RockYou!, and YouTube were all launched on MySpace as widgets providing additional functionality to the site. Other sites created layouts to personalize the site and made hundreds of thousands of dollars for its owners…

unfortunately, the very poorly edited entry on wordpress.com lacks this important heading. its importance is due to the fact that Automattic places Google ads on the personal blogs hosted at .com is cunningly passed over in silence at sign up.

anyway, for a potential wiki editors Root came up with a very succinct definition of wordpress.com’s business model. just two words: Google’s bitch!

b2\cafelog is not notable

so, yeah b2\cafelog, almost forgotten but nevertheless very important GPLed PHP3 hack, got its page removed from PediWikia. WP Happy wikipidors considered b2\cafelog as “Not notable” enough just because it “cannot stand on its own” despite it’s still being used (because it used to be the default blogware of online control panels provided by the hosts).

funny enough, but since 25 August 2007 b2\cafelog page gets redirected to the article on another PHP3 hack also famously known as WordPress™, which is due to b2 of its mere existence (as you surely know WP is a forked version of b2, that fork was possible primarily because b2 had been released under GPL). even more funny that although WP article mentions b2 as its precursor, but there’s not a single link to its site.

any bets when the article on b2evolution (yet another fairly popular b2\cafelog fork) is going to be merged with WP?